Friday, July 29, 2011

Cool Mickey and Minnie

I loved seeing these bushes?, trees?, topiaries? of characters. The people who work at Disney must love their jobs because they do amazing jobs at everything they do. Disney is organized, clean, fun, beautiful, overwhelming .... and magical .... the happiest place on earth!

Wishes Do Come True

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to go to Disney. This truly was a dream come true for me. Roy said he saw me turn into a kid before his eyes while in The Magic Kingdom. I tried to soak it all in but it was way too much. Did I have fun....definately, the most fun I have had in years. While I love my life and my family and my jobs; it was so enjoyable to disappear into the world of make believe for awhile.

The Conductor

The Harry Potter exhibit at Disney is unbelievable. The castle is outstanding. The train and conductor were there. There were dancers and magic wands and name it, it was there. Out of everything...I must admit, I could have stared at the castle for days. The ride however, wasn't my cup of tea. I love roller coasters but dislike simulators. Harry Potter was a simulator....


Who hasn't wanted to pose with Jaws? I'm a tourist...I pose with the great white. I loved the hat. I should have come home with a dozen hats...did'm to practical. But I really was like a kid at Disney.

Seuss Landing

Dr. Seuss is one of my favorite storybook series of all time. I loved to see them all come to life in Disney. I bought a "Mother of all Things" t-shirt. Is there anything that isn't fun in Disney?

I know they are different rides/shows but they are still both in the Animal Kingdom. The Tree of Life has "It's Tough to be a Bug" in it and the Lion King Show was in a different area; but these pictures belong together to me since they are all from the same movie. I loved the Lion King Show. The performers and the large giraffe, lion and elephant were amazing.

Yo Ho Ho Ho ... A Pirate's Life for Me

Roy tried on a Cap'n Jack Sparrow hat after we went on the Pirates of the Carribbean Ride. I think it rather suits him.

Daytona International Speedway

On our way from Daytona Beach to Orlando, we decided to go into the Daytona International Speedway and look around. We walked into the track area and snapped a few pictures and then looked at the
Walk of Fame. We just missed a race the day before we arrived...had we known!

4th of July Fireworks - Daytona Beach

My first 4th of July in the United States. We were at Daytona Beach and went for supper at this neat train railcar diner and then walked over to the beach to watch the fireworks.

Spaceshuttle Atlantis

The Last Voyage of the Spaceshuttle Atlantis was scheduled to lift off on July 8, 2011. We were hoping to see it. Everyone said there was a slim chance it would actually take off then....they get scrubbed quite often due to weather. We were so fortunate that it took off that day. You can watch it on the television; but to see it with your own eyes is another thing....MAGNIFICENT!

Daytona Beach

The most lovely time ever...walking along the beach, stopping for a drink or a snack, playing in the waves and just relaxing. I will always treasure the time Roy and I spend on Daytona Beach.

Chip 'n Dale

Characters roam around and go to their stations for pictures and autographs. If lines were super long, we would just take a picture in between sessions. These two were kinda cute.

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is cool. You ride in cars that go through the mansion. Apparently, they had to make it not so scary because it was scaring children too much. It is okay...not my favorite....but okay. Actually, the house itself is more interesting for me. I enjoyed the queue line and goofing around in it better.

My First Rollercoaster

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was my first ever rollercoaster. It was fun...that is until I got on the next one. Roy made sure he started me on the smallest one and worked me up to the largest one.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I am sorry I haven't blogged for such a long time. I (as most of you) have been extremely busy. I hope to step up the pace a bit and blog more often. I hope everyone is doing well. I am busy teaching Grade 7 this year while still working at Just Scrap It. Those things along with having a friend in Regina whom I like to visit, keeps me busy. Let's all hope for a wonderful fall and Christmas season.

New School Pictures

I am really glad that the schools have decided to go with the company they have for school pictures lately. I have picked the sepia toned ones lately. I think they look awesome. I went feminine with Sky's picture and plain old masculine for Lucas. Fun new paper.

Boots & Mama Mia

I have begun to wear boots. The more I wear boots, the more I want to wear boots. Then I was told about a boot sale and ran out and got some more boots. Since I had been wanting to use this paper, it was the perfect opportunity for me go for it.

Roy and I went to Mama Mia a short time ago. It was amazing. I really enjoyed a live musical.

Finally a Teenager

Well, I have four teenagers for the moment. Within a few weeks Faith will be 20 years old. Lucas was excited to finally become a teenager. With it, he received a cell phone from Faith and a PS3 with Call of Duty. He is really growing up fast.

Tennis Anyone?

I used the new Cambridge line from Bo Bunny. I finally found some paper that worked with my pictures of Roy and I playing tennis this summer. I used fun flock and fuzzied up the tennis ball in the top corner.

Christmas Cards

I have decided to make some Christmas Cards with my Scrapbooking Club at school. So, I prepared everything for about 26 of them to make this week. Let's cross our fingers that it all works out okay.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Big Roy....Little Jade

The last time Roy was up here...he stood beside Jade...of course I had to get a picture. Then later, I got them to compare hands and feet...geesh what a difference. Jade just giggles because she looks so tiny compared to Roy. Roy just thinks she is so small and cute.

My New Watch

I have been without a watch for nearly 5 years. I never bought one because I didn't like anything I saw. Then when Roy was buying a battery for his watch, I found this Ed Hardy watch. I fell in love with it...and at 40% off...I loved it even more.

School Frames

I want to start a scrapbooking club at school so I did the first few frames so the students know what I want them to look like...I want to teach them real scrapbooking...not the sticker sneeze.


Of course I had to get some pictures at the drag strip this summer. I tended to make a lot of pages that looked like this this summer.

Picture Perfect

This is such a cute picture that Roy sent me from Disneyland this past summer. He sent me the postcard (which I got after he got home). It is in a clear folder so it can be pulled out and tucked away safely.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hide Me

This was such a cute picture with Theresa...I had to create a fun page for it. You ever have one of those days when everything just goes together great. I found this page to go together perfectly....I like the colors and patterns and layout. Good way to end the weekend.

Celebrate . . . Happy Birthday

It was my father's 76th Birthday on September 17. My mother, Faith, Ellie and I went to celebrate with him. We had some cake and chatted for awhile until he got tired. I don't know if there are any pictures of me with my dad anywhere, so i decided it was time to have one taken.

Dan Aykroyd

One day when I went to get something from the LBS, I noticed a poster saying that Dan Aykroyd would be there on the 14th of September. My phone reminded me that day, so I decided to go see if I could meet him. I waited in line for three hours...but it was so neat to sit beside him, get a picture and have some of his wine autographed.


Just a few more pictures of Bailey. She is starting to get bigger...she is also quite a mischief that is into everything.

Floating Down to Earth

I took this picture the last time I was in Regina. Look it was warm, sunny and a beautiful day....that's a thing of the past. Used a new line of Basic Grey.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jade and Bailey

I love this picture of Jade and Bailey. The paper worked very well with it and it is so delicate and beautiful.

Tattoo and Bon Jovi

Jade decided to get a tattoo for her Grade 12 Graduation like Faith did last year. She asked me to go with her...but I thought she'd get upset if I took a camera. I took these pictures with my cell phone to show her how much he had done and how much longer she had to go. She said it was the most excruciating pain she had ever felt. Her body was shaking and her muscles were spasming uncontrolably. She even bit me, she was in so much pain. However, in the end, she loved her tattoo and was glad she went through with the whole 4 hour process in one sitting...or she says it would never have gotten completed.

I got a newspaper after the Bon Jovi Concert and decided to scrapbook the pictures with the bag I got my t-shirt in.

Bon Jovi

Of course, being me...I had to take tons of pictures at Bon Jovi. It was an excellent concert and an excellent after-party. Is he not one of the most handsome men you have ever seen?

2010 Graduation

I just had to do a page of Jade's Graduation with her cap and gown. I am so proud that I now have two daughters that have officially graduated from highschool. Jade graduated from Bethlehem Catholic Highschool and was a part of the first ever graduating class from that school.

Faith's Girlz

Faith's puppy Ellie was whining a lot and seemed lonely, so when a friend of Mike's offered her a kitten, she jumped at the opportunity. Bailey is now a part of the family and her and Ellie get along excellent.

Roy's Gifts to Daniel and Emily

Roy and Daniel went to Disneyland this summer with Daniel's girlfriend's family. He wanted to do something for the two of them that was special. He came down last weekend and worked for the day in the backroom creating matching picture frames for each of them. I think he did a wonderful job.

'72 Mustang

I got one of my fixes satisfied when I went down to White City this summer. Roy drove his car around for awhile and then he let me drive. Whoa the sound, love the power and love the era.


Awhile ago, Roy wrote me this poem. I had to scrapbook it before it got crinkled or lost.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Grad Portrait - Canvas

Looks like I may end up with a wall of Graduation Canvases (sp?) There always seems to be one picture that stand out for I have decided to make them into Canvases and put them up in my place.

Sisters Friends

I think out of all of the Grad pictures this year, the girls all like this one the most. It is three sisters that love and care about each other and two that are so happy and proud of the third one. I do have absolutely beautiful daughters don't I?

Friends & Royisms

Roy can take the best pictures of us. I guess it's his long arms...and he has talent...I think he's done it before. This picture was taken at Jade's Graduation Ceremony. I seem to have a lot that look the same...just taken at a different time. I thought it would be fun to just make a page of the things that make Roy and I bestest friends.

The next page is my tribute to Roy and his English Royisms that confuse me on a daily basis. Every once in awhile he will say something that totally confuses me. These are usually terms from the U.K. that he hasn't Canadianized to yet. My favorite is when he says "Wha?" instead of "What?". I have incorporated that into my vocabulary now. And I got to use the new Basic Grey line on it.


While all of my daughters are getting pierced and tattooed, I went out on a limb and got a henna tattoo while I was in Regina. While it only lasted a week or so...I know that is about as long as I want anything to stay for right now. I may change my mind in the future...but for now this was enough for me.

Jade's Graduation Album

I made a graduation album for Jade very similar to Faith's. I stamped and color blended all of the 30 pages to make my own patterned paper. I embellished and placed the album on a stand so she can look at whichever pictures she wants to whenever.